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About John

Disclaimer: Any statement below that might sound like boasting are purely intentional ;-)

I did not start everything well. But everything stood well for me wherever I went. My parents, schooling, college, teachers, friends, life partner, kid, companies, business partner and many more.

Without dwelling in the dilemma of whether it was my positivity that made me see the world the way I see or it was the people I was always surrounded with, I prefer to give credits to the people around me for who I am and what I am today.

Unlike many MSW HR folks, I started my Job pursuit with the idea of building my career in Recruiting. I chose recruiting for the same reason I chose my PG programme, MSW HR.


I wanted to break the common notion that MBA's are the future, so I went the other way. Likewise, I wanted to break the idea that MSW HR's are meant to work with Labour laws and Personnel management and I decided the other way.

While my colleagues pursued corporate jobs, i preferred to continue in Agency recruiting. Besides the thrill and the adrenaline pump I enjoy in Agency recruiting, there is a one more key reason I preferred this route. Yeah you guessed it right :-)

After 8 years and working for two Recruiting firms, I wanted to Start-up.

I co-founded Millions Advisory LLP, with Rajesh Krishnamoorthy in 2016 and we are just about to celebrate 5th MILLIONS DAY. (yeah, that's how we call it)

Man, that's a lot of boasting right :-)

But hear me out.

The roads in the journey are not always paved well

The rides are not always smooth.

This ongoing journey is much much more.

I hope you find something meaningful or useful to take from here.


John Rambo

My Constant Reminders

"If you do not ask, the answer is always a big NO".

"Nothing gets served to you in a silver platter, you gotta earn it".

"When you wanna find solutions for the problems around you, Start with YOU".

"Falling is fine, but falling forward is what that matters. Starting small is fine, but starting is all that matters".

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