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Perks of promoting a bad leader

Have you ever thought why so many bosses are actually morons?

Coz, performance has been the deciding metric for someone to make a boss. And unfortunately performance alone cannot make someone a good boss.

The fundamental metrics we hold to promote someone to a leadership position is experience and most importantly, achievements.

No matter what means he/she used to meet those achievements or how many team members he/she sacrificed on the way up, the end result is what that matters, as that is the only metric that makes someone a Leader.

Can a system get more rotten than this?

An achiever need not be an influencer. An achiever need not be an inspirer. An achiever need not create more leaders.

But a Leader does.

When you promote a so-called vicious performer as a Leader, you don't build teams, you only build assembly lines.

People will come, work and leave like a clockwork. You won't find life there, you won't find innovation there and sooner than you expect you won't find your business there.

Are Good Achievements directly proportional to Good Leadership?

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