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Top Free Candidate Management Tools

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

In this era, where Candidate Experience is playing a differentiating role in attracting talents across the world, it wouldn’t do justice if we don’t equip ourselves with the right tool in Recruiting.

Not everyone can afford a Workday or Taleo. Just because you cannot afford rich fancy tools, that doesn’t mean that the impact of bad candidate management will yield less impact to your business.

How many times have we skipped making that followup call with the candidate?

How many times have we lost track of our old candidates?

How many times have we missed to come back to that potential candidate who asked you to connect in 2 weeks?

These tools that are coming up are probably not exactly made for the above objectives, but they sure do make a good fit to our needs.

Trello has been our choice of tool for candidate management since 2018. It is a simple tool infamously used for Project management across the Globe. We started using it to manage our candidates and interview schedules.

It’s Kanban view gives a broad view about which candidate is stuck in which stage. It helps us track any candidate in a simple keyword search, effectively manage the old databases and re-align the candidates for different job roles.

It’s Calendar power-up helps us to seamlessly merge our interview schedules to our Calendar of choice, so that we get reminded in both desktop and mobile wherever we are.

It has a lot more power-up features and different views (Table, Timeline, List), but those are part of the paid plan. The free version was more than enough for a team size of ours.

Here is a template that can be useful in your workflow.

If you are looking for a template to manage the entire workflow of your small Recruitment team, please drop in a comment and I shall post a different template.

Had I only have found it back in 2018, may be this would have been our Candidate management tool now. Notion is one of the very few tools in the market with endless functionalities and that too at zero cost. If you are an individual recruiter, where your team doesn’t have a proper candidate management tool and still going by the age old Excel to track and manage candidates and interviews, Notion should be a game changer for you.

Notion can be used as a Wiki, Database and a Note taking app. It gives you options to view your data in different views, such as Table, List, Gallery, Calendar, Timeline. It’s free plan is more than enough for an individual Recruiter to manage his/her entire workflow.

I’m presenting a template with Notion as a Database. Play around with it for a couple of days, you will seriously witness the tool growing inside your workflow.


Besides Notion and Trello, there are many tools like Clickup, Airtable, Taskade, Monday, Asana, TickTick.

Feel free to try out the other tools too. They do have a decent free version with good features that might fit your workflow.

Choose your tool based on the export options it has got. What’s the point in using a tool and feeding all our data in it if it doesn’t have the option to export your data and move to your tool of choice in future.

No matter whichever tool you use, the ultimate aim to execute the best candidate experience for the candidates getting interviewed through you.

In a world where everyone is ready to throw insane money in talents, Candidate Experience will be a key differentiator in Recruiting. Candidate Experience Matters!

Happy Recruiting!

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