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Expectation is a bitch

Expectations can make our lives miserable.

People who do not take action just because they were expecting someone else to come forward and do it is one of the lamest excuses of losers.

Just because you give 2x importance to someone, it is not necessary that they need to reciprocate the same to you. No one is obliged to anyone that way. You don't live their life and you don't get to choose what they do with their life and how they do it.

If you think of yourself to be very superior, that doesn't mean that everyone around should treat you that way.

If you needed something to happen for your own good, you need to take that effort. Instead, you share your needs to someone, and you expect them to make it their priority and get it done for you. While in reality, they don't have a reason to make your priority theirs. If you needed that something to happen, you would have shown a little bit of aggression and made that extra effort again and again until you have got what you needed.

It is ugly to even think that someone hasn't honoured your expectation, while you haven't respected your need in the first place.

If you needed that something to happen, you would have tried repeatedly or invented ways to get it done in no time. Instead, you waited for that someone to get it done for you. When they have not taken that initiative or forgotten to get it done, you got annoyed yet kept silent, burned within yourself and fed your ego for months and years so that you can grill them one day when they finally realise that they have missed to do it for you. Isn't this pure sadism.

During all this period of waiting you were stressing yourself a lot, fed your ego with so much of negativity and did no good to your physical and mental health either. Now, by expressing your sadism, you have made the other person feel like shit too.

All this drama could not have happened if you have scrapped your ego and took that extra step to get what you need in the first place.

Kill the expectations, you will see relationships blossoming around you.

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