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Fear of exploring the unknown

Exploring the dark waters is totally different from exploring something you already know about. People generally do not have issues in trying the latter. The former always gets trickier.

For someone who has spent his considerable amount of career as an employee, might find Entrepreneurship to be that Dark water.

For someone who had been at the low levels of corporate hierarchies, jumping to that Decision makers' role might find it to be a Dark water.

For some, everything but where they are, are dark waters.

But what good is it going to do if we are just going to sit back and let fear destroy us and make those Dark waters even darker.

What you think you can do is purely limited to the amount of opportunities you have stepped up for.

You might be surprised with yourself and realise the number of things you can do only if you up your game.

Fear can do two things. It can either make you stay where you are. Or its adrenaline can make you do things which all this while you thought was impossible.

The only way to verify whether you can do it or not is,



Cover image: Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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