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Upnote - The Note Taking App You Can’t Miss

Updated: Nov 29, 2021


Upnote ( is one of the least heard note taking tool in the market. Even not much discussed among the productivity community.

But if you give it a shot, I’m sure you will fall in love with its simplicity, power, and elegance in no time.

I don’t know how they did what they did, but it is something special.

I tried collating all its key features and my experiences with it. Hope you find this useful.


This is the new kick in the note taking space. You got it here in Upnote.

You can either use the “[[” to create backlink either to an existing note with autocompletion or to create a new one.

Or you can copy the link of any note and link it anywhere else like how you do it in Evernote.


It has folders. You can nest multiple folders within a folder. You can have the same note saved in multiple folders. Customise how the folder appears. You can lock specific folders too.


Upnote has inline tagging. You can just “#” anywhere in the note and it just works. You can choose to show the tags in the side panel and hide it.

Quick Access & Pins

You can STAR any note so that it stays in the side panel for quick access.

You can pin a note so that it stays on the top of the folder the note is in.


Upnote can automatically filter the notes that contain unchecked checkboxes. Meaning your incomplete ToDo’s from different notes can be easily filtered here.

You can pretty much create a custom filter for any keyword and save it to your side panel.

Info Panel

The info panel in Upnote can provide you data about the note created and updated date, Word count, Character count, Tags, Backlinks, Table of contents. You can choose to have it open or hide just by clicking the “i” in the bottom right corner. Or you hide and unhide it using the shortcut “Cmd+Shift+i”.

Files & Attachments

You can throw any file at it and it can handle it with ease. It handled all the Images, pdfs, doc, xls or anything in my regular usage like a charm.


It supports markdown editing and you also get a formatting bar at “Cmd+Shift+A” including colour texting and much more. You can insert a table anywhere with just a “Cmd+T”, it is as simple as that.

Web Clipper

It has an excellent Web clipper for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Import & Export

You can import from Evernote, .md, .docx, html, txt, rtf files. It is lightening fast.

You can export one or multiple notes in any of the following formats. Text, HTML, PDF, Markdown.


Upnote is available everywhere. Mac, Windows, iOS, Android. None of them are inferior in any way. Just like the desktop versions, it’s mobile version is equally good.


All of this at a price of just over a Dollar per month. Only one subscription to use it across multiple devices.

How I use Upnote?

My daily journalling is done in this with passcode protection :-) Yeah it has got that feature too.

I use it to take notes during zoom calls. It has a feature “keep window on top” that just keeps the notes window open no matter where you move on screen. Pretty handy feature.

I publish content regularly in Linkedin. So all my writing gets done here.

Any quick note or idea that pops up, it goes straight here. The desktop and mobile apps are super fast. I can open it in no time.

I’m not using it for task management yet. But who knows what they got in store right :-)


Evernote had been the benchmark for note taking apps for many years. (May be not now ;-)) It will definitely give such apps a run for their money. It is so fast. It is elegant like Bear notes. It is simple. Getting feature rich everyday.

Most of the features I had mentioned above weren’t there on the Day 1 of my encounter with the app. The developer is very active and brings upgrades and bug fixes regularly. It is only been 4 months since I’m using this tool and it has grown so much.

This is not a paid promotion. Just a curious user who got carried away with the delight of using the app.

I always keep exploring good potential note taking apps. May be I’ll move to some other app in future. But this will always be one of the best note taking apps I ever came across.

Happy Note Taking :-)

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