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Why is the first sourcing call very important in Recruiting

The first sourcing call is like a gateway to the entire Talent acquisition process. You mess it in the first call, you mess the whole process big time.

Not every candidate knows what they need and what they are going to do about their job quest. When you step in as a Talent Advisor, the way you project yourself matters a lot.

The tone of your call should be affirmative. How will the job excite the candidate if the one who is presenting it isn't. Same time, you don't have to jump in joy either. Play subtle, confident and professional.

Educate the candidate about the the Job and the company. Especially give a background about the key achievements of the company and the criticality of the role.

Get to understand the candidate's choice of roles and companies. You can't place a product company aspirant in a services company. And you can’t place a PM role aspirant into an IC role.

Nobody likes to be dictated. Avoid the 'commanding tone' while speaking with candidates.

You are an advisor / consultant. Act like one. Give relevant suggestions when the candidate seems to be in doubt. Remember, you need to be equipped enough to guide someone. So, keep working on your knowledge too.

Avoid using sentences like "I'll get back to you" and "I'll let you know". These statements are the most hated sentences among the talent community.

You open the call with <your name> from <your company>. Close it with the same.

Send a confirmation email and a SMS once you have sourced a candidate. The mail should have all the job and company details with your direct contact details.

Don't just send the email and sms randomly. When you close the sourcing call, ask the candidates if they can access their email now. Tell them that you are sending an email with the job details and would like their acknowledgement. This creates an anticipation in the candidate.

Now, send that email. Once sent, send an SMS stating that you just spoke and you have mailed the details. Close the SMS with your Name and Company name. This creates an impression in the candidate that you are serious about what you are doing and that they are in the right hands.

Now when you call the candidate again after a day or two, the candidate will remember you by your name. At least, 95% of the candidates will remember. And that is because of the positive impact of your first sourcing call. It just eases the rest of your recruiting process.

Oh come on, these are just basic stuffs in Recruiting. Why bore us with it? you could ask.

True, these are basic stuffs in Recruiting, but unless you get your basics right, none of all the magic you do afterwards really matter.

Now, let's go do some Recruiting!

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