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Stay relevant to stay in the game

Graduation is only an entry pass for your career, but upskilling determines your longevity and growth in your career.

We invest lakhs of rupees to get through our graduation, but we are a bit reluctant to upskill ourselves. Forget about money, are we even investing our time and effort to use the free resources to upskill ourselves?

Upskilling has been the buzz word across Linkedin and other social forums lately. What's the fuss all about, huh? Well, trust me this is a serious problem we gotta act on.

Being a tech recruiter, let me connect a few examples from tech.

Manual testing is a skill that was there long before I started my recruitment career 12 years ago. Ever since then, automation is the buzz word that is heard across the industry. Still manual test engineers have a lot of important roles to play, but the big bet is on automation. When the industry goes through a crisis like COVID and companies plan for job cuts, guess who is the collateral damage among the two.

Web/UI designers are a lot in the market. You know the buzz word in their stream? it is the UX Designers.

Your company might prefer an On-premise setup to build their software applications, but the world is on Cloud now.

Networking administrators / engineers play a critical role in keeping the operations up and running. Now that enterprises are moving to cloud, the scope for Network security and Cyber security are huge.

Even in my industry, Recruiting. If a recruiter goes for a Job interview with a Product company and say that he/she knows thoroughly on how to search through Job boards like Naukri and Monster only, they can show themselves their way out. Recruiting is taking a different dimension. People are doing X-Ray search, Graph search, Scraping and so on to identify top talents.

If you want to stay in the game, you need to know the game. And upskilling continuously is the way you do it.


Cover Image: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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